Fundraiser: Join Us Dec. 4 for Supper at JC Supper Club

Family Resources and Community Connections is hosting its annual fundraiser, in partnership with JC Supper Club, on Sunday, Dec. 6. JC Supper Club is located at 9053 Riverview Dr. in St. Louis.

Join us for this event featuring live music, great food and drink specials. Entry is free but we ask that you stop by the FRCC table and donate to our non-profit ($10 recommendation).

FRCC is an official Non-Profit Organization and Public Charity. Our mission is to empower and positively impact children, teens, families, the under-served, and communities by addressing their social needs and issues through education, prevention, and awareness.

Program components thus far:

Financial Literacy Education
Parenting Education and Support
Mental Health Education
Health and Wellness
Self Esteem/Self-Worth Coaching
Journal Writing, Poetry, and other Arts as therapy
Community and Self Empowerment
Pen or Pencil National Initiative-Group Mentoring Program
School to Prison Pipeline Education
Gun Violence Education
Others based on request