Who We Are

Family Resources and Community Connections, Inc.

Linda Mackey, Founder 

Photo.BlackLinda has more than 20 years of experience in protecting children, preventing child abuse and neglect; addressing social and human needs and issues; positively impacting lives through resource, youth, family and community development; recruiting foster and adoptive parents; teaching, facilitating, and educating children and parents about the importance of sex and health education; preventing teen pregnancies. She is dedicated to empowering and educating seniors about the importance of healthy lifestyles through resource forums and conferences; community engagement; collaborating and networking with social service organizations, including faith-based to help address social and human needs. Overall, Linda’s mission is to serve the under-represented and under-served; impacting lives, communities, and neighborhoods through grassroots social work and community outreach. She is certified to teach Christian education curriculum; highly skilled in communicating, listening, facilitating, planning and organizing initiatives, projects, programs, and activities. She is an independent and thought driven strategic leader. In addition, Linda is regarded as proactive, dedicated, compassionate, and people-oriented.

Specialties: Community Education, Resource, Family and Youth Development, Empowering; Engaging, Collaborating; Mobilizing, Facilitating and building partnerships with organizations; for-profit and nonprofit; specifically those mutually supporting the under-represented and under-served; Social Programming/Management, Community Outreach; Christian Education, Training, and Spiritual Development.

Linda founded FRCC in 2011. The organization was approved as a nonprofit in 2014. Linda is now retired. Contact Linda at ljoycemackey@frccstl.org.

FRCC is committed to developing Partnerships and Collaborations with organizations who share a mutual concern in impacting the lives of children, families, and communities – A catalyst for change.

Interested in working with FRCC?

Contact us at +1 314-397-7325 or via email at info@frccstl.org.

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