About FRCC

“Building a bridge between social & educational knowledge.”

Mother and son drawing with colored pencils on floor.

FRCC’s mission is to empower and positively impact children, families, the under-served, communities by addressing their social needs and issues through education, prevention, and awareness. The FRCC organization is unique because the focus is to positively impact smaller audiences of children, families and the underserved including seasoned mature individuals, ex-offenders, as well as those experiencing homelessness.

Program components include:

Arts and Wellness

Financial Empowerment

  • Children and Parents
  • Education and Wellness
  • Reaching the unbanked

Group Mentoring

  • Avoiding anti-social behaviors
  • Character Education
  • History to Education
  • Avoiding anti-social behaviors

Reading Tutoring, Educational Equity and Literacy

Empowerment and Educational Forums that empowers parents and guardians

Mental health support (limited therapy resources)

Parenting education

Pre-teen book club

Resource Development; and Referrals

Social Justice

Social services and seminars (need based)

Youth development

FRCC is committed to developing Partnerships and Collaborations with organizations who share a mutual concern in impacting the lives of children, families, and communities – A catalyst for change. Interested in working with FRCC? Contact us at +1 314 3977325 or via email at info@frccstl.org.

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