Social and Educational Justice for Youth.

Coordination of empowerment workshops requires adequate notification for planning and execution. We provide workshops for parents, underserved communities, and youth regarding:

  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Parenting Education and Support
  • Mental Health Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Self Esteem/Self-Worth Coaching
  • Journal Writing, Poetry, and other Arts as therapy
  • Community and Self Empowerment
  • Pen or Pencil National Initiative-Group Mentoring Program
    • School to Prison Pipeline Education
  • Gun Violence Education
  • Others based on request

Pen or Pencil

Through a partnership with the National Alliance of Faith and Justice, FRCC is the affiliate in St. Louis-Gateway Region coordinating the Pen or Pencil Group Mentoring Program: Writing A New History. Pen or Pencil (POP) is an acronym for the school to prison pipeline epidemic. Learn more about our Pen or Pencil program here.

Arts and Wellness

Artistic Expressions: FRCC facilitates workshops with counselors helping older adults learning to handle expressions from the  inside out. This program is for a targeted audience of adults, 50 years and older, promoting mental and emotional well-being through the arts. Using dramatic theatrical events, participants create personal stories and scenes expressing how they feel about aging, life, and family.

Art History: FRCC facilitates workshops with artists helping children and their parents learn about history and arts while learning to communicate and express their emotions using positive strategies. The program focuses on art enrichment, strengthening life skills, increasing academic focus with concentration strategies, decreasing youth violence and delinquency, building strong healthy children, building strong families and communities by teaching new ways to connect.

Financial Literacy Training for the Unbanked

In partnership with the Berean District Association, FRCC facilitates workshops with personal financial to educate on: the importance of banks and utilizing banking tools to reduce wasted money (money order fees, check cashing fees, payday loans, etc.), safe and affordable banks, predatory lending practices, savings and checking accounts, check-cashing facilities.

“Building a bridge between social & educational knowledge.”

FRCC is committed to developing Partnerships and Collaborations with organizations who share a mutual concern in impacting the lives of children, families, and communities – A catalyst for change. Interested in working with FRCC? Contact us at +1 314 3977325 or via email at

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