Learn About Financing and Budgeting

Join us monthly for workshops to learn tips to save more and waste less of your hard earned money. FRCC and the Berean District Association want to see you win. It starts with being smart about the financial choice you make. These classes are free and open to the public. Email FRCC Executive Director LindaContinue reading “Learn About Financing and Budgeting”

Free Family Art Class Nov and Dec 28

Artistic Expressions and History: In partnership with the Regional Arts Commission of Saint Louis, FRCC facilitates workshops with artists helping children and their parents learn about history and arts while learning to communicate and express their emotions using positive strategies. The program focuses on art enrichment, strengthening life skills, increasing academic focus with concentration strategies, decreasing youth violence and delinquency, buildingContinue reading “Free Family Art Class Nov and Dec 28”

Join FRCC on February 27 for a Special Screening of Under Construction, Lets Talk About Depression in Black Men

Under Construction: While celebrating his parents’ 40th anniversary, tragedy strikes. How will Tony deal with the loss? This play deals with relationships, grief, and African American men and depression.  Purchase your tickets here on Ticket Leap.