FRCC Welcomes New Board Members

The Board of Directors of Family Resources and Community Connections, Incorporated is excited to announce the addition of three new board members.

Each board member provides a unique addition to the board of directors and will strengthen the organization’s mission of:

Empowering and positively impacting children, families and under-served communities by addressing social needs and issues through education, prevention and awareness.

Meet Bridjes G. O’Neil, Kenneth Woods, and Sherece  Whitehorn.

Bridjes is a communications and development professional with progressive expertise in implementing strategic communications initiatives that maintain favorable public or stockholder perceptions of an organization’s accomplishments, agenda, or environmental responsibility.

Kenneth is a Masters Level Therapist and licensed clinical social worker with 32 years of experience in mental health settings. He has a proven track record working with diverse populations in private practice, health care, and outpatient treatment settings in the state of Missouri. Woods has a strong background in the treatment of children, adults, and families utilizing psychotherapy, as well as excellent clinical treatment skills and the ability to promote mental health services.

Sherece is a human services and patient billing specialist especially adept at providing social service support to a variety of diverse populations. She specializes in advocacy and facilitating the exchange of complicated insurance policies to her clients. Her background includes crisis intervention, entitlement and rehabilitative services education, mental illness and substance use disorder education, and crisis intervention strategy planning.

Get to know these three, along with the rest of our board of directors, at


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