Senior Leadership

Linda Mackey, Founder and Executive Director

LindaOver sixteen years of experience in protecting children, preventing child abuse and neglect; addressing social and human needs and issues; positively impacting lives through resource, youth, family and community development; recruiting foster and adoptive parents; teaching, facilitating, and educating children and parents about the importance of sex and health education; preventing teen pregnancies. Empowering and educating seniors about the importance of healthy lifestyles through resource forums and conferences; community engagement; collaborating and networking with social service organizations, including faith-based to help address social and human needs. Overall, serving the under-represented and under-served; impacting lives, communities, and neighborhoods through grassroots social work and community outreach. Certified to teach various Christian Education Courses; highly skilled in communicating, listening, facilitating, planning and organizing initiatives, projects, programs, and activities. Capable of working independently. In addition regarded as proactive, dedicated, compassionate, and people-oriented.

Specialties: Community Education, Resource, Family and Youth Development, Empowering; Engaging, Collaborating; Mobilizing, Facilitating and building partnerships with organizations; for-profit and nonprofit; specifically those mutually supporting the under-represented and under-served; Social Programming/Management,Community Outreach; Christian Education, Training, and Spiritual Development.

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FRCC is committed to developing Partnerships and Collaborations with organizations who share a mutual concern in impacting the lives of children, families, and communities – A catalyst for change. Interested in working with FRCC? Contact us at +1 314 3977325 or via email at

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