Signup: Financial Education & Training for Middle and High School Students

FRCC is partnering with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and its Money Smart program to empower youth in the St. Louis region with finaicial literacty. Download our flyer here. Designing My Dream Workshops  are available at for schools and youth organizations. Youth will learn how to become Super Savers, how to set Financial Goals, andContinue reading “Signup: Financial Education & Training for Middle and High School Students”

Join the Nonviolence to No Violence Campaign

Article Highlight: Let’s learn from non-violence and commit to no violence. Download the inforational packet here. Download the registration form and get your school started here. Unity in our country has been challenged by repeated acts of confrontation and violence. Lives have been lost; angry rhetoric has turned into aggressive action. Minor differences, whether inContinue reading “Join the Nonviolence to No Violence Campaign”